Selteka, UAB

  • Location: F01:72


UAB SELTEKA is the company for design and manufacture of the BiOwn light 6 technology, with Ra > 95, R9>90,
this is creating the optimum environment for “Human Centric Lighting” (HCL).
With BiOwn light 6 technology all visual, emotional and biological needs are satisfied.
Using BiOwn light 6 technology, HCL luminaries “Skylighter BIURO” and “Skylighter HAUSE” have been created.
Dynamic changes of color temperature and illuminance ,in conjunction with a wide distribution of light, stimulate the
human senses throughout the day which help improve health and wellbeing in offices, schools, workplaces and healthcare facilities.

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Selteka, UAB
Draugystes 19
51230 Kaunas
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