ELFACK: TA will be paused in 2022 and will return in 2024

ELFACK: TA will be paused in 2022 and will return in 2024


ELFACK:TA – a completely new meeting place that was both initiated by and created in partnership with the electrical an energy sectors. The focus is on knowledge, training and social activities.

We all look forward to doing business, exchanging experiences and meeting customers and colleagues again. Not to mention experiencing new technology, getting ideas for new solutions and being inspired by exciting innovations. A pandemic does not stop the power of change; on the contrary, it accelerates the pace of change!

At ELFACK:TA you can take part in a comprehensive lecture theatre programme and there will be many opportunities for training and certification. We are creating content around our themes of Electrification, Digitalisation and Circular Societies, in close collaboration with the electrical and energy sectors.

The exhibition offers lots of new products and services and the experts are of course on site, ready to answer all your questions.

A warm welcome to ELFACK:TA 2024,
at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg!

Meet the customers at a brand new meeting place. Created in collaboration with the industry.


  • Several open stages with exciting content programmes
  • Experts and qualified lecturers on site
  • Training and opportunities for certification
  • Exhibition of products, systems and services
  • Social activities: informal get-togethers and after-work

Visitors to ELFACK:TA include these target groups

Business Developer
Head of municipal administration
Operations and maintenance manager
Electrician / Electrical installer
Electronic Engineer
Electrical consultant
Electrician technician
Energy advisor
Property manager
Property caretaker
Corporate Management
Sales Executive/Manager
Purchaser/Purchasing Assistant
Installation manager
IT manager / head of IT
IT consultant
IT project manager
IT Strategist

Quality manager
Lighting designer
Marketing manager
Environmental manager / Sustainability manager
Power grid manager / energy manager
Site manager
Product Manager
Project manager
Service technician
Security/Safety manager
Sales Associate
Technical Manager
Maintenance Manager
Purchase manager
Business Owner / Board assignment


The pace of development is incredible right now, in every area of technology. We need to raise skills to adapt to a climate-smart society, with ever-increasing levels of digitalisation.
ELFACK:TA aims to mobilise the transition and impart new knowledge in the different parts of the sector. A council of key players ensures the quality of the theatre programme.


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“If industry and buildings become more energy efficient, electricity prices will go down”

24 November / 2022

Electrification and energy efficiency are important topics in both industry and society at large right now. The ongoing transition and rising electricity prices place high demands on finding better and smarter solutions quickly. Mats Peterson, business area manager for ABB Electrification in Sweden, says that most of the technical solutions are already on the market, but that the skills and incent...

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Svenska Kraftnät: “ELFACK 2023 is the focal point for the energy transition”

24 November / 2022

The energy industry is changing, and fast. While the industry faces enormous challenges, the ongoing energy transition is central. Svenska Kraftnät, the authority responsible for ensuring that Sweden’s electricity transmission system is safe, environmentally sound and cost-effective, is a member of the Elfack Programme Council. “Elfack needs to be clear that we are raising our viewpoint from just...

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A bright era for solar energy

14 November / 2022

Solar energy is currently both popular and hugely important for today’s energy transition. Cost-effective and fossil-free energy production is in high demand, and self-sufficiency, and therefore energy storage, are at the heart of that interest. EWS is a solar wholesaler with more than 37 years of experience in the solar industry. The company is exhibiting at Elfack 2023 to put digital tools for p...

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Fastighetsägarna’s challenge at ELFACK 2023

14 November / 2022

Rikard Silverfur works as Head of Development and Sustainability at Fastighetsägarna Sverige, the Swedish real estate trade association, and like many others, he testifies to the great and acute need for energy efficiency in Swedish real estate. In light of this, Fastighetsägarna is organising a technology competition for energy monitoring systems – and the finalists will be presented at Elfack 20...

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All the e-skills the future requires - how will we get them?

15 June / 2022

Samuel Strömgren, Energy Competence Center. Accelerating electrification is not just a giant technological shift. It’s an equally big skills shift. But where will the skills come from? Where are all the brains and hands? - It is high time to address that question now. We don’t have time to wait, says Samuel Strömgren from the Energy Competence Center.   Although everyone seems to agree...

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