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Welcome back to Elfack 6-9 May 2025


Northern Europe’s no 1 trade fair on energy & electrification

Mobilising electrification and digitalisation for a sustainable society

Electrification and digitalisation are key areas in the ongoing social transition. The solutions must have an impact and lead to changes across entire areas of society, sectors and industries. And we need to be faster!

Elfack mobilises the cooperation needed to succeed. Here, the actors in real estate and cities, transport and industry can meet a combined electricity and lighting industry to jointly move the position forward. People, technology, economics and politics are given space to interact for a higher purpose. It is only together and with joint efforts that we can succeed.

Elfack offers the opportunity to meet a combined electricity and lighting industry with a comprehensive exhibition, space for meetings and discussion, an extensive seminar programme and educational activities.

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The programme council ensure quality content

The pace of development is incredible right now, in every area of technology. We need to raise skills to adapt to a climate-smart society, with ever-increasing levels of digitalisation. Elfack aims to mobilise the transition and impart new knowledge in the different parts of the sector. A council of key players ensures the quality of the theatre programme.


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Securing the energy transition with the right skills supply now – an urgent matter

17 May / 2023

– This government is doing precisely what’s needed to worsen the skills supply in our industry! This is the opinion of the Swedish Electricians’ Association, which organised a panel discussion at Elfack on the risks to the Swedish energy supply. And their criticism was not merciful. Faster deployment, long-term rules and, not least, an increased focus on education were all high on the panellists’...

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Elfack’s success paves the way for a new event in a year’s time

16 May / 2023

More than 22,000 visitors and a packed programme – Elfack’s comeback after the pandemic was an undoubted success. But it was also a reminder of the speed of technological development. “Update by Elfack 2024” is therefore now being launched to make it possible to meet at shorter intervals. Because of the pandemic, it has been four years since Elfack last took place. And if there was one thing th...

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An urgent appeal from the electricity and energy sector: Secure the energy transition with the right skills supply now

4 May / 2023

Debate article, skills supply / 4 May 2023 Sweden is undergoing an energy transition as transformative as when the car replaced the horse and carriage. Efforts are being made to create the world’s first fossil-free society, without losing our leading position as an industrial and exporting nation. The technical conditions are in place. Now we need to make substantial investments to further trai...

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