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Welcome to Elfack 9-12 May 2023

Mobilising electrification and digitalisation for a sustainable society

Electrification and digitalisation are key areas in the ongoing social transition. The solutions must have an impact and lead to changes across entire areas of society, sectors and industries. And we need to be faster!

Elfack mobilises the cooperation needed to succeed. Here, the actors in real estate and cities, transport and industry can meet a combined electricity and lighting industry to jointly move the position forward. People, technology, economics and politics are given space to interact for a higher purpose. It is only together and with joint efforts that we can succeed.

Elfack offers the opportunity to meet a combined electricity and lighting industry with a comprehensive exhibition, space for meetings and discussion, an extensive seminar programme and educational activities.

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The programme council ensure quality content

The pace of development is incredible right now, in every area of technology. We need to raise skills to adapt to a climate-smart society, with ever-increasing levels of digitalisation. Elfack aims to mobilise the transition and impart new knowledge in the different parts of the sector. A council of key players ensures the quality of the theatre programme.

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Electric cars could provide energy storage

10 March / 2023

The new collaborative project Public EV Power Pilots, or PEPP for short, is investigating the possibility of using electric cars to provide energy storage. Specifically, the project will look at whether it is possible to borrow energy from parked vehicles with excess capacity that is not being used. The PEPP project was born out of curiosity about electric cars and the large amount of energy c...

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SEK Svensk Elstandard: The biggest risk in electric car charging

10 March / 2023

In Sweden, the number of clean electric vehicles is increasing rapidly, while we are struggling to find enough power. According to Ingvar Eriksson, technical expert at SEK Svensk Elstandard, we need to take control of our charging stations and understand the importance of charging safely. - By far the biggest risk when it comes to electric vehicle charging is when people try to charge their el...

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Solar energy – one piece of the puzzle for the electrification of society

07 February / 2023

  There can be few people who still haven’t noticed that large parts of society are in the process of electrification. Industry, transport and other sectors are adapting to meet sustainability goals. But electrification also has its challenges. As electricity consumption increases, our electricity grids are under great pressure. “Grid support services are a prerequisite going forward,” says Ludvig...

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