Joining forces on electrification and digitalisation for a sustainable society

Electrification and digitalization are key areas within the ongoing societal transformation. The solutions must have an impact and lead to changes across entire societal areas, sectors, and industries. And we need to move faster!

Elfack, with over 400 exhibitors and more than 20,000 visitors, mobilizes the collaboration needed to succeed. Here, stakeholders within real estate and cities, transportation and industry, can meet a unified electrical and lighting industry to collectively push forward. People, technology, economy, and politics are given space to interact for a higher purpose. It is only together, with combined efforts, that we can succeed.

At Elfack, there is an opportunity to meet a unified electrical and lighting industry with a comprehensive exhibition, space for meetings and discussions, an extensive seminar program, gain inspiration for new solutions, and benefit from unique knowledge content.

Target groups at ELFACK

  • Management personnel and C-level executives
  • Project managers
  • Business and company development
  • Change managers
  • Installers / electricians
  • Electrical and engineering consultants
  • Automation specialists
  • Energy specialists
  • IT specialists
  • Lighting designers / architects
  • Property managers
  • City planners
  • Researchers / students
  • Technicians
  • Politicians and civil servants

Topical content in collaboration with partners

To cope with the transition, skills need to be increased and enhanced throughout the sector. Programmes and activities are organised in collaboration with partners and convey new knowledge in all product areas. Industry news is interspersed with inspiration, innovation and case studies from the business community, presented on several theatre stages. Participating exhibitors have the opportunity to submit proposals for the programme. The Programme Council consists of the industry’s most influential organisations and authorities, which together ensure high relevance and quality-assured content at Elfack.

New strategic conference – Update by Elfack

The conference Update by Elfack premieres 6–9 May 2025. Together with partners, the programme will offer different orientations for in-depth discussions and innovative insights in the electricity and energy sector. The focus is on strategic issues with an impact on the future of the industry.