Electrification and digitalisation for sustainable development

Together with Power Circle Summit and SWITCH, ELFACK is a cross-border trade show focused on future solutions in electricity, power, light and information technology. At ELFACK, industry representatives gather to network and do business, find out about new technology and innovations, get inspiration for new solutions and benefit from the unique knowledge content on offer. Society is going through a transformation, for which the solutions exhibited at ELFACK collectively present a great opportunity for increased sustainability. Global trends and the forces driving change demand more collaboration. New technology is creating innovations and solutions that challenge established business models and company structures. The boundaries between industries are dissolving and there are new market entrants.

The event offers:

  • Conference with an environmental focus and discussions ontrends and strategic responses
  • Forums for business and skills development with seminars, training and matchmaking
  • An exhibition of products, systems and services as well as environments to discuss conceptual approaches to systems and collaboration

Target groups at ELFACK

  • Management personnel and C-level executives
  • Project managers
  • Business and company development
  • Change managers
  • Installers / electricians
  • Electrical and engineering consultants
  • Automation specialists
  • Energy specialists
  • IT specialists
  • Lighting designers / architects
  • Property managers
  • City planners
  • Researchers / students
  • Technicians
  • Politicians and civil servants

The programme council ensure quality content

The pace of development is incredible right now, in every area of technology. We need to raise skills to adapt to a climate-smart society, with ever-increasing levels of digitalisation. ELFACK aims to mobilise the transition and impart new knowledge in the different parts of the sector. A council of key players ensures the quality of the theatre programme.

Power Electrification Summit

A yearly energy strategy conference about the future of energy, the circular and sustainable energy system of tomorrow.

The conference is a meeting place for high level stakeholders in the Swedish power industry focusing on innovations, technique and business models needed in the coming energy market. This year we are adding more of a global outlook.

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