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Electric cars could provide energy storage

The new collaborative project Public EV Power Pilots, or PEPP for short, is investigating the possibility of using electric cars to provide energy storage. Specifically, the project will look at whether it is possible to borrow energy fro...

SEK Svensk Elstandard: The biggest risk in electric car charging

In Sweden, the number of clean electric vehicles is increasing rapidly, while we are struggling to find enough power. According to Ingvar Eriksson, technical expert at SEK Svensk Elstandard, we need to take control of our chargin...

Solar energy – one piece of the puzzle for the electrification of society

  There can be few people who still haven’t noticed that large parts of society are in the process of electrification. Industry, transport and other sectors are adapting to meet sustainability goals. But e...

“We must take joint responsibility for sustainability”

Lighting plays a major role in society from an ecological, social and economic sustainability perspective. Caroline Zima is a lighting designer at Sweco Architects and Sweden’s ambassador for Women in Lighting. ...

Granitor invests in skills supply through Startskottet

The need to find the right personnel is one of the most important issues facing the electricity and energy industry. It is estimated that there will be a shortage of almost 30,000 electricians in Sweden in the coming years, while...

“Now we have to make big decisions in uncertain times”

We are now living through an unprecedented situation: we are undergoing a huge societal transformation, and in the post-pandemic era, we face challenges that create insecurity. According to Karin Bodén at Jämtkraft, this...


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