Hide-a-lite: “We will see a changed lighting industry at ELFACK 2023”

The lighting industry is changing rapidly across all segments. “There is so much that affects the way we look at lighting today, from the impact it has on us and our health, to how we can make the most of energy efficiency,” says Martina Ek, Marketing Manager at Elektro Elco. Martina and her colleagues market the Hide-a-lite brand. They are exhibiting at Elfack 2023 and are looking forward to meeting a changing industry in need of new solutions and new knowledge.

– We, like many others, face several challenges owing to the fast pace of development. This is not unique to us; the whole energy sector is undergoing a major transformation. You used to be able to make a business plan that spanned a ten-year period. Now you can barely put one together for three years. But while it’s a challenge, it’s an incredible trigger, and there’s a lot happening in the industry as we all think in new ways. What’s needed now is new knowledge about how to best implement the technology that’s available, Martina says.

Energy efficiency at the heart of everything

Historically, Hide-a-lite has always worked closely with end users, who are buyers of lighting for private environments. Today, however, they also work to a large extent with lighting for public environments – something that has given them a perspective and a new approach to lighting design and luminaires.

– It has been interesting to observe their needs. Knowledge of luminaires and lighting is changing a lot. In the past, energy efficiency has been something important for larger facilities such as an industry or a large property owner. They have been asking how to save energy in different ways. Now it is also important for private individuals to look at their home lighting from a similar perspective. Just three years ago, few people reflected on whether it was a halogen spotlight or LED lamp installed on the ceiling. This creates an interesting market where all end users have as much need for knowledge as the installer about what solutions are available.

Energy efficiency is now important for everyone – from private individuals to large property owners and society at large.

– With our Hide-a-lite brand, where we create efficient lighting solutions, we have moved from working closely with the private sector to the public sector. It is important for us to be able to offer the knowledge needed to make better choices in all areas and in these different segments. Energy efficiency is key, and there is a need to work with products in the public sector that are just as good as those in the private sector.

In order to meet the new and expanding needs that we see in today’s electricity and lighting industry, a common arena is needed, where relevant knowledge on new technologies and efficient solutions can be shared.

– Elfack is an essential meeting place for us. Partly to be able to meet installers and wholesalers, but also so that as an industry we can jointly reach out to a wide range of people. We want to be there to guide better and more sustainable choices. I am very much looking forward to the exciting meetings that will take place there. We see it as a common task to share the knowledge we have to create a more energy-efficient society. It will be a valuable event for anyone working with electricity and lighting, Martina concludes.

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