Activities at ELFACK

Highly topical programme at this year’s Elfack

Student day at ELFACK

Together with several partners, it is now offering a full day on skills supply. The aim is to give students and professionals a solid introduction to the industry and show them the various roles and opportunities in the sector.

On 12 May 2023, ELFACK will offer a number of activities such as introductory lectures, technology walks, competitions and special events aimed at attracting more women to the industry. In addition, there will be an open stage programme with deep dives into the fair’s ten product areas.

After Work at ELFACK

Welcome to mingle with Elfack. We’ll meet in the heart of Gothia Towers, in the lobby bar Twentyfourseven (at Tower 3).

Every day 8 – 12 May at 17.00-21.00

10 May 17.00-21.00:

We offer live entertainment and extra nice AW prices in the bar between 17.00 and 19.00.


Power Electrification Summit 9 May

Power Electrification Summit is an annual strategy conference for thought-leaders around the circular energy society of the future. Here, decision-makers, innovators, entrepreneurs and strategists meet to gain, share and gather knowledge and insights. The conference focuses on concrete examples, inspiration, collaboration, disruptive forces and smart and sustainable technology.