Biggest stand ever – why Hager is investing heavily in Elfack

Leif_Hallén_Hager_Sverige–The future is electric. We want to show what we can contribute, not least when it comes to microgrids and residential energy storage. So says Leif Hallén, CEO of Hager in Sweden, which is expanding its operations and making its biggest investment ever at Elfack.

Hager, a leading supplier of systems, solutions and services for electrical installation, is investing heavily in Elfack, 9-12 May at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre.

–For us, the fair is perhaps the best opportunity to meet our customers and show our solutions in a short time span, Leif Hallén says.

–This Elfack is long awaited, as it has been four years since the last edition. We’ve noticed there’s a demand for meeting in this way. That’s why we’ve chosen a larger stand than ever, as well as an additional stand for Pmflex.

Building a factory in Gothenburg

Pmflex, a leading European manufacturer of installation pipes for electrical cables, was acquired earlier this year by the Hager Group.

–The acquisition gives us a broader portfolio and makes us more relevant to more customers. We are now building a factory, office and warehouse for Pmflex at Hisingen in Gothenburg, which increases our ability to contribute to a sustainable future, Leif says.

–Pmflex is a strong innovator and manufactures pipework products with sustainable plastic materials, supporting Hager’s efforts to reduce the emissions and carbon footprint of electrical installations.

Microgrids are increasingly important

As for the market situation, Leif sees both challenges and opportunities:

–We are currently experiencing a slump in housing construction due to inflation, high interest rates and energy prices. It will take a few years to get through it. But that dip is offset by the increasing electrification of society, which creates a need for electrical materials. Especially when it comes to photovoltaic installations, energy storage and charging of electric cars. So in the slightly longer term, things look bright.

Leif Hallén is convinced that the future is electric. But also renewable.
–Traditional electricity distribution is a sector under pressure. We need new ways to produce and distribute electricity. Last year, 55,000 solar energy installations were built in Sweden, double that in the previous year, he says.

Hager is, and wants to be, a partner in this rapid development.

–Our contribution is products that support sustainable development. For example, microgrids, housing-adapted solutions to optimise and reduce costs with batteries.

High hopes for Elfack

At Elfack, Hager is presenting a new range of electric vehicle chargers and control and support equipment that meets the strict requirements for installation and safety: it includes miniature circuit breakers, personal protection and earth leakage switches. Hager is also presenting digital solutions and cloud services for measuring and customising electricity consumption.

The stand has two focus areas, Living Space and Work Space.

–Living Space focuses on electric car charging, storage, switches and safety products. Work Space focuses on commercial products such as switchgear and solutions for offices, schools and hospitals, Leif Hallén explains.

He’s looking forward to meeting many visitors at Elfack:

–Networking is important for us. The fair is also an important source of news where you can update yourself on technological developments, on everything that is going on. And look at the electric future.

The full programme along with the list of exhibitors and activities at Elfack can be found at Elfack opens on 9 May and runs until 12 May at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg.

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