The electrical podcast at Elfack: “We want to make our listeners more inspired”

ElektrikerpoddenIt’s the first and largest podcast by electricians, for electricians. And now it’s making its premiere at Elfack.
– We’re super excited, says Billy Fransson, who, together with his cousin Peter Fransson, produces the successful Elektrikerpodden podcast, which will also be broadcast live on YouTube and Instagram at the fair.

The idea for the podcast came from Peter Fransson, who has a background in electrical wholesale sales. He wanted to include Billy, who is an authorised electrician.

– Peter and I had been listening to a lot of podcasts and audio books, both for pleasure and for information. But I was a bit hesitant to start my own podcast at first, Billy admits.

– However, after some deliberation, I realised that there was a need, especially to educate and inspire. That was my incentive. By inviting experts from the industry who are passionate about various aspects, we’re trying to educate and attract more electricians to train.

The success was rewarding

The Elektrikerpodden podcasts began broadcasting in 2021 and quickly attracted a lot of interest, with nearly 40,000 individuals listening from the start until now. So far, there have been 128 episodes, usually with a new one each week.

–We target a wide range of people, from high school students to electricians and installers, and anyone else working in the electrical industry, Bill says.

– In each week we have around 5,000 listeners. This success led us to decide last year to go full steam ahead, 100 per cent.

The venture was made possible through a series of partnerships with companies such as Schneider, Ahlsell, Nexans, Garo, Trainor and El-Vis. This year, the cousins also started broadcasting on YouTube and Instagram. Billy and Peter travel around the country meeting interesting people, testing equipment and talking about all sorts of things – at all levels – that affect people in the industry.

Recording in front of an audience

And now the time has come for Gothenburg, the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre and Elfack. Billy and Peter are moving into an open studio on the second floor and will be working from morning to late afternoon every day of the fair.
– It will be a great meeting point and we are very much looking forward to the collaboration with Elfack. We want to meet our listeners and followers – and we want more people to discover us. The fair offers us a fantastic opportunity to do that.

– We will be inviting conversations with guests, experts in the industry. Everyone is welcome to listen in as we record podcasts and film segments or conduct learning activities in which the audience can participate.

The podcasts are recorded in front of an audience in the morning and afternoon. But the programme runs throughout the day with items like Meet’n Greet and Pinch and Feel. Some parts, with suppliers showcasing new products, are live-streamed twice a day on Instagram and YouTube – just in time for 11am and 3pm coffee breaks in the workplace.

Wanting to increase self-confidence

There will also be introductory courses with a panel of experts:

– Visitors should be able to learn something new in less than an hour: testing and measuring, perhaps troubleshooting. Or simply improving your hands-on skills, Billy explains.

– In this way, we hope to help our listeners become more skilled in their professional role and increase their self-confidence. This goes to the heart of what we do: we want to inspire, motivate and spread knowledge – in a simple and accessible way.

The full programme along with the list of exhibitors and activities at Elfack can be found at Elfack opens on 9 May and runs until 12 May at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg.

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