SolarEdge: Solar energy is a natural part of Elfack

The energy technology company SolarEdge exhibited at Elfack for the first time.
– At first we thought we would only exhibit at solar fairs, but considering both our development and that of the industry, the answer was that we would obviously be here, to learn from each other, says Daniel Sjödin, who heads the business in Sweden.

SolarEdge does not make its own solar cells, but almost everything else related to solar electricity production can be found in SolarEdge’s range: energy storage, inverters and services for the electricity grid are just some of the products on display.

– We have our origins in solar energy, and nowadays our focus is on optimising production while taking care of the energy produced in the best possible way, Daniel Sjödin says.

Specialist fairs are not enough for today’s solar power

This was the first time SolarEdge has participated as an exhibitor at Elfack, and when asked what attracted them to Elfack, Daniel Sjödin explained that it was not initially obvious for them to exhibit at such a broad-based fair.

– We first considered exhibiting at solar fairs, but realised that this was not enough. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the development of the company itself, because although SolarEdge started in solar energy, over the years it has developed more and more products and broadened its range into other parts of the energy sector.

– This means that today it is still obvious for us to take part in a fair like Elfack. We need to meet customers and partners in all the segments in which we operate, and we can’t do that if we are only at solar fairs.

Mature market requires knowledge sharing

The second, and perhaps even more important reason, is the evolution of the solar energy industry itself. If five years ago it could be said to be the preserve of early adopters and other specialists, today it is quite the opposite.

– Today it is clearly a mass market. Energy prices, electrification and the green transition have made solar power a concern for many customers, and if we as an industry are to meet these target customers, we must develop together.

He gives a long list of examples: designers must be aware of the range and how the products interact, installers must have knowledge of the underlying technology, and they themselves as suppliers must have knowledge of what the market is actually demanding today.

– Above all, we must all realise that we are part of a whole that must be able to cooperate, and we must have completely different user interfaces. It’s no longer just technology-oriented engineers who buy solar cells; everyone does, and then our products must be understood and used by all our customers.

The right technology turns renewable energy into an opportunity for the grid

To meet this new need, they have developed the product SolarEdge Home, which they are showing at Elfack.

– SolarEdge Home helps the customer to optimise both the production and use of energy in the home.

They are also at the fair to meet other players and show how much is happening in the solar energy field.
– There are, unfortunately, some people who still see renewable energy as a problem that “messes up” the grid. But we believe that there are so many opportunities with renewable energy if you apply the available technology in the right way.

To get there, Daniel Sjödin believes that three things are needed: education, more education, and even more education.

– We must teach more people in the industry what technology is available and how it can be combined to take advantage of the opportunities that renewable energy already offers.

Elfack will return in its full size on 6-9 May 2025, but Update by Elfack will already premiere next year, on 22-23 May 2024. The new event offers the electricity and energy industry a chance to meet at more frequent intervals, getting updates in the intervening years, and focusing on the latest technology, knowledge and skills development. There will be a small exhibition as well as several stages and a conference programme in collaboration with industry players.

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