Electrically safe – new school material from The National Electrical Safety Board

You can read about new learning content to promote electrical safety, aimed at middle schools, on The National Electrical Safety Board’s website. The material deals with how electricity is created, electricity indoors and outdoors, and shopping safely. 

At The National Electrical Safety Board we see children and young people as a priority target group they are the home-owners, electricians and entrepreneurs of the future. With the energy transition, the number of electrical installations and products in our everyday lives is increasing. With more electricity around us, it is good that young people relate to electricity in a safe and secure way, says Sandra Hjelm, who is responsible for communications at The National Electrical Safety Board. 

A survey by Kantar Sifo shows that 60 per cent of the teachers surveyed see a need for new and more user-friendly school material on electrical safety. A full 90 per cent also see it as important to teach electrical safety in primary school. 

There is a clear need for materials that are easy to familiarise yourself with, for both teachers and students. It should also be informative and follow the curriculum. We have done careful preparatory work, and the material is free for everyone to download at no cost, Sandra Hjelm says. 

The National Electrical Safety Board conducted a feasibility study in 2022, which forms the basis for the material. The learning material aimed at middle schools was developed in 2023.

The Agency has plans to develop lesson material for primary and secondary schools in future as well.

More information is available on the The National Electrical Safety Board’s website.

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