Product Areas at ELFACK 2023

Electrical Installations

Discover the latest products and solutions for electrical installation. At Elfack, you’ll find a smart selection in all areas from electrical and power to buildings, lighting and digital systems.

Transmission, Distribution & Smart Grids

A functioning power system is made possible by efficient transmission and distribution. At Elfack you will find information and solutions for the control, operation, maintenance and development of electricity networks.

Lighting Technologies & Systems

At Elfack you will meet the latest developments and opportunities in lighting technology.. Among leading suppliers you will find new smart solutions and systems for energy-efficient indoor and outdoor lighting

Consulting, Engineering and Design

In a complex industry such as electricity and energy, there is great value in turning to the experts who have extensive experience in designing solutions from a holistic perspective. Elfack gives you access to a wide range of the industry’s top consultants.

Energy Management & Building Automation

The digital infrastructure in the real estate sector covers everything about how you measure, control and manage the various resources of your property in an electricity market. At Elfack you can discover the latest energy-efficient automation solutions.

Security Solutions

Security and safety are critical to the success of the electricity and energy industry. That’s why Elfack offers the latest solutions in personal safety, electrical safety, systems and data security.

Solar Energy & PVs

In renewable energy, solar panels are a growing market and increasingly in demand. At Elfack you will find new solutions and opportunities for both products and installation that enable the use and development of solar power.

E-Mobility Charging

The need for an expanded charging infrastructure is increasing. Elfack will showcase new and smart hardware and software solutions that make it possible to connect vehicles to the power supply for their energy needs, without overloading the electricity system.

Energy Storage & Batteries

Energy Storage & Batteries
Electrification has given rise to many new storage and battery solutions. At Elfack you will discover developments that smooth out power peaks and electricity demand over time.

Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

Hydrogen is an energy carrier used to transport, store and supply energy. With the transition to renewable energy systems, interest in hydrogen is growing, with great potential for industry and other areas. At Elfack you can explore new possibilities such as electrolysers and fuel cells.