Welcome to submit your lecture proposal to ELFACK:TA 2022!

Right now, we are receiving lecture proposals for the open stage programs at ELFACK: TA. As an exhibitor, you are welcome to submit proposals for these stage programs.

Remember that the content on stage must be editorial and relevant to visitors to ELFACK:TA. We encourage proposals that offer good examples, news, launches, and timeliness and follow the themes that apply to the 2022 ELFACK: TA: Electrification and Digitization – solutions for the circular society of the future.

The visitor is often interested in concrete customer cases that can be inspired by and absorb new knowledge. We prefer that the customer participates in the presentation to strengthen the credibility of your case. Share your good experiences and new knowledge!

Submission of proposals does not guarantee participation. The appointed program council makes the selection for ELFACK:TA.


Practical information

  • Each program item is 20 minutes
  • On stage, there are standing tables and standard technical equipment with, among other things, a speaker system and a screen for presentations
  • Technicians are on-site during the stage program
  • Exposure of the stage program on digital screens
  • Exposure of your program item on the ELFACK:TAS website


The following dates must be respected for your lecture to become part of ELFACK:TA 2022.

  • January 31, last submission date via a link on the website
  • March 31 notice if your lecture is accepted or not
  • 3 – 4 May 2022 implementation of ELFACK:TA


Read this important guide regarding lecture suggestions

This guide is created to support increasing your chances of having your lecture point adopted by the program council. Please read this entire guide before you start registering. Admission is ongoing, so do not wait but register immediately if you already know what subject you want to lecture.

For your lecture to be accepted, there are specific essential criteria that must meet. This because so that the lecture will:

  • Be current and relevant
  • Be non-commercial

If good examples are presented, one or more commercial products or partners have probably been used. For the lecture to be carried out, for example, the customer or partner should carry out the presentation based on the angle of approach what they wanted to achieve and how they succeeded or failed in getting there. After the lecture, you can discuss specific products and suggestions for stakeholders directly with the lecturer and the exhibitor on the exhibition floor.

The following themes apply to the 2022 ELFACK:TA

  • Electrification
  • Digitalization
  • Circular societies


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

A warm welcome to ELFACK:TA 3-4 May 2022!

Maja Törnquist
Content Planner

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