Welcome to submit your lecture proposal to Elfack 2025

Welcome to submit your seminar proposal for Elfack 2025

Right now, we can offer exhibitors at Elfackthe opportunity to contribute to a strong program and knowledge content at next years exhibition, 6-9 May 2025! We kindly invite you to submit your seminar proposal before November 30st, 2024. There will be two open stages with awareness-raising seminars and cases from the industry’s leading companies and organizations.

Basic criteria for submission

Be a participating exhibitor or organization at Elfack 2025

Has a connection to below themes established for Elfack 2025:

At Elfack, a series of parallel activities are taking place, primarily to contribute to skills development. The program contains session on all ten of Elfacks focus areas but subissions on the following topics will be prioritized:

  • Installation
  • Lighting
  • Energy
  • Real Estate


Be current

The proposals can be of different nature, such as inspiration, customer cases, knowledge seminars, new technology or innovations. Above all, we ask for customer cases that will inspire our visitors.

Customer cases has highest priority in the program

For as much impact as possible, please avoid sales presentations. We ask participating companies, together with their customers, to present up-to-date solutions and experiences within the focus areas above.

Practical information

To submit a proposal, you must register and create a login. (It is not the same login as for Exhibitor Service Online)

Each seminar slot is about 20 minutes

On stage there will be standing tables and standard technical equipment, such as a speaker system and screen

Technicians are on site for the duration of the stage program

A seminar at Elfack is usually 20 minutes long and is to be conducted as a stage presentation with the support of PowerPoint. If another format is desired, such as presentation length or type of lecture (eg workshop), this must be clearly stated in the submitted description.

Exposure of the seminar will take place on digital screens and on www.elfack.se

Description of seminar item:

Must be relevant, notional and comprehensible.

If you register the seminar for another speaker, please check the box and click on the plus sign to add the speaker.

Seminar description:
The complete description will also be published on the website. Describe your topic in a way to create an interest from a potential audience. Changes can be made after the application and these can in some cases be initiated by Elfack as a condition for giving the seminar space in the program.

Biography and photo

Written in third person and can be supplemented with afterwards.

You can log in and make additions as long as the registration is open until, November 30th 2024.


For your seminar to be considered, the following deadlines apply:

November 30th 2024: Proposal submission deadline

February 28th 2025: We will notify if your seminar has been accepted

As we evaluate proposals contiuasly,the stage program can be filled up before the submission deadline.

Elfack reserves the right to accept seminars. As a speaker, you are obliged to ensure that:

That there is a replacement if the speaker is absent for any reason.

The seminar is original. I.e., written by you alone or as a co-author or that you are the owner / co-owner of the presentation.

The content has references where applicable. Plagiarism is not allowed.

Necessary permits are available from employers and customers.

All sources are listed

Thank you for your proposal and commitment! If you have any questions, welcome to contact the team.

/Team Elfack

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