A secure and sustainable energy supply

The development of society needs a robust energy system with a secure and sustainable energy supply. There are many enablers getting behind this mission. Together, they gather at Elfack around renewable energy sources, technical grid solutions and the infrastructure of the future.

New technologies drive energy transition

New technologies and innovations are important keys to further development and competitiveness. At Elfack you will meet the leading suppliers of solar panels, charging infrastructure, storage and technical grid solutions.

Gathering strength around common challenges

At Elfack, you will meet industry experts and gain access to the knowledge necessary to create the robust solutions required for the future. When the energy situation is uncertain, it is particularly important that we join forces to enable and secure the decisions, investments and skills supply that an efficient and sustainable energy transition requires.

News about the energy industry

“Now we have to make big decisions in uncertain times”

We are now living through an unprecedented situation: we are undergoing a huge societal transformation, and in the post-pandemic era, we face challenges that create insecurity. According to Karin Bodén at Jämtkraft, this...

ELFACK 2023 shines the spotlight on the future of the energy industry

To support the electrification of society, the reinforcement of electricity grids is essential. But at the same time, as plans are being made for major expansions, the industry is in dire need of new skills. Peter Silverhjärt...

“If industry and buildings become more energy efficient, electricity prices will go down”

Electrification and energy efficiency are important topics in both industry and society at large right now. The ongoing transition and rising electricity prices place high demands on finding better and smarter solutions quickly. Ma...

Experience more at ELFACK 2023

9-12 May 2023 at The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg

9-12 May 2023 at The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg