New possibilities with light

There is a light on virtually every street and in every building, school and home. Illumination to support well-being and efficient work, or to create security. Lighting is a socially important and exciting sector. It is an industry with implications for economic as well as social and ecological sustainability. Elfack brings together the lighting industry, its innovations and leading experts under one roof.

Some of the exhibiting companies

A gathering place for leading suppliers

At Elfack you will meet the leading suppliers in the lighting industry, all in one place. In a fast-paced and changing industry, there is a great need for knowledge about new technologies, and about solutions that are already on the market or will be in the future. At Elfack you will have the opportunity to discover the sustainable, energy-efficient and smart solutions of the future in the important and growing field of lighting.

Where is light going next?

We are seeing powerful developments in lighting, and with these developments comes a growing need for knowledge about the direction they are taking. What is the future of energy-efficient lighting and what demands do we face tomorrow? You will meet industry experts among Elfack participants and a network that will help build your knowledge of sustainable and smart solutions.

News about lingthing

“We must understand that we are building for a changing world”

Johan Röklander has been working with lighting for the past 20 years. As a municipal lighting planner, an educator at the School of Lighting Design in Jönköping, and a self-employed outdoor lighting designer, Johan is pursuing his passion, which is to represent lighting in society. “We have a high level of expertise in terms of technical and design know-how, but now we need to step up in terms of ...

Hide-a-lite: “We will see a changed lighting industry at ELFACK 2023”

The lighting industry is changing rapidly across all segments. “There is so much that affects the way we look at lighting today, from the impact it has on us and our health, to how we can make the most of energy efficiency,” says Martina Ek, Marketing Manager at Elektro Elco. Martina and her colleagues market the Hide-a-lite brand. They are exhibiting at Elfack 2023 and are looking forward to meet...

Experience more at ELFACK 2023

9-12 May 2023 at The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg

9-12 May 2023 at The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg